Sunday, October 25, 2009

Better Know a Playground, Part 2

Here it is folks, the post you all have been waiting for! Another installment of Better Know a Playground! This evening, Mary, Leah and I along with the Jessica's headed out to do some field research. Tonight's playground is located at:


Yep, this little-known playground next to the tiniest library ever features the climbing tunnel of death, the nearly vertical rock wall, and the dangling thingamabobs that Leah has had a hard time mastering.

Actually, the girls really love this playground because it is slightly more challenging than most. When the sign says "Ages 5 - 12" for the main play area, they truly mean it.
The toddler playground is fairly expansive. There is plenty to do for the just-started-walking crowd.

Not only is there a toddler play structure, but there are some rocking structures and some swings for the wee-ones.
Since we brought along not-wee ones, we spent most of the evening at the big kids playground.
I actually hauled my arse up to the top of the play structure so I could take this picture:
Mary, Lilah and Leah climbing up the curly slide:
Mary and Evie striking a pose:
Lilah taking one for the team and climbing up the tunnel of death:
Leah and the required rock wall shot:
Mary and Evie on the rocking fire engine:
Mary trying out the dangling thingamabobs (I wonder if they have a real name?):
Mary practicing to be a future fire fighter by sliding down the pole:

All-in-all, my girls rank this playground pretty high on their list. It is nice that Sarah feels a little challenged by it as most playgrounds don't do much for her anymore.