Monday, March 9, 2009

Birthdays! Birthdays! Birthdays!

We are currently knee-deep in birthday season here at the Boehm household. The season officially starts in February with Lilah's birthday and continues through June with Mary's birthday. The funny thing about all these birthdays is that I never manage to get cards and gifts out in a timely fashion. I know all year long that they are coming, yet I can't manage to plan accordingly. Geesh!

A good example would be today. Today is Colin's birthday. Colin is my godson, yet I can't manage to make a card in a timely fashion to send to him. I mustered up a e-card, but that isn't so thrilling for a 5 yr old. I would like to say that I'm busy, but really I have plenty of time. I think the real problem here is that I'm lazy. There...I said it. I'm lazy. Getting motivated is a real issue for me. So Colin, I wish you a very happy birthday and there is always next year! Oh, and Luke (whose birthday is at the end of this week), you stand about a 20% chance that I might acknowledge your special day in a timely fashion. :-)

Speaking of birthdays, I just love this picture of Leah that was taken after her birthday party was over a week or so ago. My sister got her a complete set of baby doll gear and Leah has taken a liking to the pack-n-play in particular. She drags it from room-to-room and uses it as her personal recliner. I wonder how long this thing will last if she keeps using it in this fashion?

For all you March birthdays out there - Happy Birthday!

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