Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cake Pop Update

Well, I did it. I attempted to make BOB the Blob cake pops for Sarah's upcoming birthday party. I'm very happy that I decided to do a dry run before the event because let me tell you, they aren't nearly as pretty as anything Bakerella has put out. Ready for the pictures? I'm warning you, they aren't nice!

Now as you stare at these hideous orbs of blue, please remember that they are supposed to be blob-like. I think if I had bothered to finish decorating them to look like BOB, they might have stood a chance to be not terrible. I didn't end up dipping the whole batch because they were just so unappealing to me.

Well, after making the hideous blue blobs on a stick, I gave them to my testers for dessert after lunch (testers = Mary, Rori and Leah). Mary and Rori both took a bite and declared them too yucky to eat. Leah managed to scarf down hers and ask for another. I saved one for Sarah to eat later (she was bonding with Miranda for the day) and she also declared them nasty. Actually her first comment after taking a bite was "is it OK if you just make cupcakes for my party?". She tried really hard not to hurt my feelings. What a good kid!

Long story short, everyone (except for Leah) who tried them thought the coating was disgusting. The cake/frosting mixture inside was deemed merely "OK". I can't say that I could recommend them to anyone.

Now, what am I going to do with a freezer full of cake balls? LOL!


  1. Aw...too bad they didn't turn out! Wonder if you could do brownie pops with a nice fudgy brownie? Then you wouldn't have to add frosting to the center. Hmmmm...I might have to try that, since you've already convinced me not to try the cake ones now...

  2. I'm going to try dipping the remaining cake balls in melted chocolate. I'm hoping that they will be a lot better. Its worth a try since I have a freezer full of them now!

    Or maybe we WILL have a cake ball fight!

  3. they do look very blob like. :)

    so how were teh cupcakes? mmm, cupcakes