Sunday, June 28, 2009

A graduate in our midst

Well, the day finally came! Mary graduated.

From Safety Town.

I have to say that of all the extracurricular activities that I throw money into, Safety Town is the most useful. It is a two-week program that focuses on a different area each day (although they do two days for fire safety).

Now that there is an additional safety pup in the household, I'm feeling SOOO much more secure. I truly enjoy being lectured by a five year old on how unsafe I am. It is amazing I have lived this many years without having Mary here to remind me that you shouldn't open a door if you can feel fire on the other side.

Not only do they learn in a classroom setting, but they also get to do fun things like ride a school bus around the block (wheee!) and go through Sparky's Fire House while the smoke machine was running. No worries folks, Sparky was conveniently "on vacation" when they set his house ablaze.

Here is a picture of the new graduate (in front of her favorite Safety Town building):

And here she and Becca are with the two rock stars of Safety Town graduation, Sparky and McGruff the Crime Dog.

What a coincidence that Sparky returned from his "vacation" just in time for graduation!

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