Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bunny Park

Three posts in one day? Say it ain't so! Since I have been getting guff about not posting enough...I'm doing a blogging marathon to catch up a bit. Apparently one post per month isn't frequent enough for people to keep following you!

Anyway, today we went to the Bunny Park in Dublin for our friend Theresa's oldest son's 2nd birthday. Theresa was our wonderful home day care provider until the point where it was time for the girls to move on to a formal preschool program. She is a wonderful lady and has been blessed in the last couple of years with 4 babies through the foster program. That's right...she has 4 kids two and under. I'm just letting that soak in for a bit.

Dublin has a rich history of commissioning crazy outdoor artwork (corn field anyone? The splash park we went to has three giant dancing bunnies cavorting on the top of a hill. At the bottom of the hill is a lovely little splash park.

Here are some pictures:

All the girls cavorting in the fountains:
Leah having a bit of water fun with her new bucket and shovel:

Sarah and Mary throwing water at each other (bonus...they aren't fighting!):
I liked this picture of Becca alot:
The funky bunny sculpture (thank goodness for 15X zoom!):

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