Sunday, December 20, 2009

Boy have I been a slacker (and other holiday ramblings)

I had no idea that it has been almost 2 months since I last posted. Time really seems to be slipping away from me these days. I would love to say that I have been busy doing all sorts of fun things, but alas, I think I have just been working and doing laundry. Oh and dishes. Lots and lots of dishes.

Enough of my whining! I can't believe Christmas is approaching so quickly (see time warp rambling). I'm looking forward to the end of this week when I can enjoy my family and be done with work for a bit. All three girls have really embraced the Christmas spirit this year so it has been extra fun to have them around. Some high points of our holiday season:

1. We have been to see Santa. Twice. First time was our annual trip to the Worthington Square Mall to see the lonely Santa who sits there by himself with no line. He is an awesome Santa too. Then we decided to go to the Christmas in the Park celebration to see Santa. In the pouring rain and 35 degree temperatures. Such a pleasant evening. LOL. Anyway, I was pleased that with both Santa visitations the girls asked for the same stuff that they have been asking for the last few months. Santa should be able to handle the load which is only 2 Leapsters and an iPod. The tree won't have much under it, but I am very thankful that my girls aren't asking for everything under the sun.

Here is the Santa from the mall:

The cool thing is that the same guy has been Santa at this mall for a long time, so our annual Santa pictures always feature the same person.

Here is the crowd after getting soaking wet waiting for their audience with Santa:

2. Sarah came home from school one day last week announcing that we "needed" an elf. So she emailed Santa (nice that he is wired these days) and very politely asked if he could send an elf our way. We now have Bernie the Elf hanging out in our house. They leave him notes and he answers them. Every night he finds a new hiding spot and they hunt for him in the morning. It gives them something to do while they anxiously wait for Santa's arrival. Here he is hiding in the laundry room:

I'm hoping he will do a few loads while he is in there today.

3. Sarah also got a bee in her bonnet about making some gifts for her friends, so we found some links on no-sew fleece scarves. It is a very nice project that only takes about 15 min per scarf. Of course, we ended up making 18 of them because each girl wanted their own yard of fabric and you can get 6 scarves per yard. All of their friends will be getting them as gifts and the extras will be put on the PIN (People in Need) tree at church.

4. The girls actually had enough snow yesterday to build a snowman. There wasn't much snow left in the yard by the time they were done, but she turned out awfully cute! They named her Snowflakes. What can I say, my girls are very imaginative. ;-) Snowflakes is not just any kind of snowwoman. She is a gourmet snowwoman. Not many of her species have dried cherries as eyes and a parsnip for a nose. Actually, I think the birds have already pecked her eyes out for the yummy treat.

Mary was especially pleased at their handiwork.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to do more fun crafting and to blog more. Both are things I enjoy doing and both are things that fall by the wayside when times get busy. So for all 3 of my readers, hopefully you can look forward to more posting in the new year! Happy Holidays!

PS - in case you are interested, I have lost 15 lbs so far. Only 60 more to go! Sigh.

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