Wednesday, March 3, 2010

But where's the tumbleweeds?

I swear that a swarm of locusts live in my house. Really and truly. No matter how much grocery shopping I do, I can't seem to keep food in the house.

Now, I do confess that grocery shopping hasn't been one of my favorite things these days. Back before I had a hoard of picky kids (OK, only two of my kids are picky), I used to really enjoy picking up unusual ingredients and experimenting with them. I don't have that opportunity as much these days.

Back to the gripe at hand...where in the world does the food go? Not only is our snack cupboard bare, but the fridge is too!

So you can see after three trips to the grocery store last week, that I still have bald spots in my fridge. What IS there are drips and drabs of things that aren't quite enough on their own for a meal for five people. All it is missing is a tumbleweed or two blowing by.

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