Friday, April 16, 2010

I stink at keeping New Year resolutions!

I had only two resolutions this year: 1) blog a bit more and 2) papercraft one hour per week. I am currently 0 for 2. I suppose you could say that is a perfect record!

I HAVE re-discovered my love of reading lately. At heart, I am a 12 yr old boy, so I have been enjoying re-reading Harry Potter. While in a holding pattern after Goblet of Fire (Sarah is slogging through Order of the Phoenix so I'm waiting for her to finish), I started my first read-through of the Percy Jackson series. I finished the fourth one last night (I should say early this morning) and I'm waiting anxiously for the 5th one to arrive from Amazon. Oh, and I was suckered into reading the Twilight series too. I much prefer Harry and Percy to Edward and Bella! LOL!

One thing I have yet to master is my compulsion to read a book from start-to-finish in one sitting. It makes for some very bleary-eyed days at work! It doesn't matter what time of day I start a book, I will stay up and read it in its entirety. I seriously need to find a way to combat this!

Anyway, you could say that today is a successful New Year's resolution day because not only am I actually blogging, but I am also going to be doing some card-making tonight! Woot!

In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions on another series of books that I should read (in lieu of sleeping), just let me know!

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