Sunday, April 18, 2010

Better Know a Playground, Part 3

While Wii Lego Indiana Jones does a fabulous job of babysitting my children, I am bringing you (my 3 readers) the next installment of Better Know a Playground. Today's feature is:

Scioto Park

This is a park that is part of the Dublin Parks and Rec system. It is conveniently located on the way to the zoo, so we have been known to stop there on our way home from staring at the gorillas.

The most interesting part of the park isn't the playground, or the scenic view along the river, or the way cool sledding hill. It is the giant rock statue of Chief Leatherlips.

Yes, that is Sarah at the top and Leah hanging off the side. The Chief is just one of many crazy pieces of outdoor artwork commissioned in Dublin.

The park also has a small creek running through it that drains directly into the Scioto River. The girls were far more enamoured with playing in the creek than on the playground.

Even with all the other distractions, we did manage some playground time too. There is the pre-requisite rock wall experience.

There is also a ladder tunnel that leads up through the middle of the playstructure. Mary and Leah both thought that was pretty cool.

Nana was along with the ride too. She busied herself with with swings while the girls were sloshing around in the creek.

All-in-all, Scioto Park has a lot to offer. Crazy sculpture, creeking, playground, picnic shelter. It also has an amplitheatre for summer concerts. One HUGE drawback is that the bathrooms are pretty nasty (this is after a few different trips to them). I know it must be difficult to keep them clean, but they are pretty gross.

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  1. oh, I was wondering where that sculpture was...glad to know it is local! :)