Monday, April 6, 2009

Moldy Oldy

We finally got around to having Sarah's eighth (and final) birthday party Saturday. Her birthday always hits right at spring break so having a party at or near the actual date is somewhat difficult. For her birthday swan song, she wanted to go see Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3-D.

I was foolishly thinking that taking ten 7 and 8 yr old girls to the movies would be such an easy party. HA! Actually, the difficult part wasn't really the movie itself, it was all the logistics surrounding the movie. Because of funky movie times, we actually did her party backwards. Cake and ice cream were first, then presents and lastly the movie. I think it was a slight mistake to get them all sugared up before going to the movies. They were all crazy hyper before we left.

One really cool thing is that the plates/napkins/goody bags were all 3-D. Of course, you had to buy the glasses separately to see it, but it was worth the coolness factor. Note that I am completely looney and decorated the table with confetti.

After the whole cake pop debacle, I ended up making cupcakes too. I think I need to find some better piping tips. Someday I would like to be able to make my cupcakes look a bit less like homemade. At least they were tasty.

Here is one of the birthday girl wearing her favorite new dress from Aunt Lori (with a long-sleeved T-Shirt under it...she's stylin'!). She is getting to be so old.

Anyway, I think all the girls enjoyed themselves and the movie was fun for the grownups too. I guess I should be glad that it all turned out OK.


  1. Birthday parties stop at age 8? That's great news for me. I'll be turning 8 for the 31st time in August then.

    I like Sarah's dress. She looks very pretty in it. Pink is a great color for her.