Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mirror Lake

One of the things that has been on our summer to-do list for years is to have a picnic at Mirror Lake. For anyone who has never suffered of Buckeye Fever, Mirror Lake is a lovely little spot on campus at OSU. To make it extra fun, The Jessica's also have been meaning to show their girls the joy that is Mirror Lake, so we made it a picnic party.

Over Labor Day weekend we finally took the plunge and picnicked (is that a word) our brains out.
Supposedly, the water is so clear that you can see your reflection (thus the name "Mirror Lake"). I think perhaps it should be renamed to "Murky Lake". Or even better "Murky Pond". Don't think I didn't find the area beautiful. It was quite lovely. I just couldn't see my countenance in the water.

Now, you can't live here without eventually either falling in love with OSU or totally hating it. There is no in-between. I don't get the haters because OSU gives our city so much rich culture. That must be why those haters root for Michigan. They have no culture.

The OSU brainwashing starts early around these parts.

No trip to the campus is complete without dragging five kids to the newly renovated library. You know, the place where college kids are trying to do research and study and stuff? In quiet? The new library is gorgeous!
There is a fantastic look out spot on the 11th floor that has great views of the campus and the surrounding area. I had to include the west view that has what some would say is the most important part of campus. Mary says this is where they have the soccer games with Dippin' Dots. I think Woody might have turned over in his grave.
On that note, here's hoping for a very successful day on Saturday for our beloved Buckeyes! GO BUCKS!

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  1. so sad that the Marcie's missed the picnic! looks like a lovely time! :)