Friday, August 21, 2009

Pool vs. Pond

Last weekend we went to Joe's cousin's house for a birthday party. The 80th birthday of his Aunt to be exact. At their house, they have a picnic shelter, large pond, play set, outdoor potty facilities, and on and on and on. Actually, their "house" is really more like a "compound".

As the girls were getting into the pond for an afternoon swim, I was struck by how little they cared about swimming in a pond. Well, once they got over the mucky bottom that is.

I personally think that any place I'm submerging myself into should be highly chlorinated and only contain human life forms. Ponds in general have a high "ICK" factor for me. I don't mind skirting around the edges and wading a bit. As long as I can see the bottom and know that no giant monster fish is going to attack me, I'm OK. Much farther into the water than that and it takes a cattle prod or something.

When we went to Lake Cumberland for vacation this summer, I did jump off the boat and swim a bit, but that was only after substantial peer pressure. I could have been quite happy sitting on the boat and taking pictures of everyone else. Being in lake water that was 100+ feet deep wasn't all that appealing. Who knows what kind of horrid creature was lurking in the depths? I shudder to think about it.

Here are some pictures of the girls at the pond last weekend. You can see that there was a killer crocodile there. Or was it an alligator? I never remember how to tell the difference.

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