Saturday, August 22, 2009


I just LOVE the Columbus Zoo. We are so fortunate to have such a nice facility so close to our home. On a nice crisp day like today (yes, I realize it is only Aug 22...but it was still cool this morning), the zoo is an ideal place for a nice stroll. The nice thing about having a membership is that we can just go for an hour or two, see a few animals and go home for lunch. The girls usually end up taking a nice nap in the afternoon, too. Can't beat that!

Because three kids aren't nearly enough, we brought along a couple extra. Actually, we haven't had Rachel and Becca for a long time so it was really nice to have all the girls together.

When we arrived, Leah kept talking about all the cowboys around. We finally figured out that she meant the huge contingent of Amish folks because of the hats the men wear. I can totally see how she would mistake an Amish guy for a cowboy. HA!

Here the girls are with Baldy the Eagle. We actually didn't see him until our way out of the zoo, but right before we walked up to him, he was completely mobbed by Amish kids. Thankfully by then, Leah was over the "cowboy" thing.

Here is a picture of three apes. You might recognize the ape in pink as one of my crew.
I just liked this picture. It was shocking that all five girls managed to get on there at one time. I didn't even have to pose them! Bonus that there aren't any extraneous kids on it too.

Speaking of posed...Sarah really wanted me to take this picture. It does make you wonder why there is a giant ladybug on the food though. Kinda makes you lose your appetite.
Here are Mary and Becca hanging out on the Hammerhead Shark. For some reason, I can never get both of them to look at the camera at the same time. I wonder if that is bad mojo for them or something.
Sarah and Rachel have no issues with posing and looking at the camera.

We trekked through the zoo for a few hours and I STILL haven't seen the baby elephant. Beco will be full-grown by the time I finally get around to his part of the zoo!

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