Friday, August 7, 2009

State Fair

The Ohio State Fair is one of my favorite events of the summer! Today Joe and I took the girls after lunch time and headed out for an afternoon of food, rides and cow manure. It was a blast!

Here are the girls before we set out. Notice that they are clean.

We started our afternoon by visiting Smokey the Bear in the ODNR park. His a scary bear. He is a hairy bear. I believe the girls were not nearly as impressed with him as I always am.

One thing people always talk about is how wonderful the food is at the fair. I have to confess - I usually only eat some ice cream from the Dairy Products building and that is it. I really detest fried food, which is surprising for a chick who is as fluffy as I am.
Joe snapped a picture of Mary and me eating our tasty frozen treat. Mary is a big fan of any food that can leave enough of a mess on her face that you have the impression that she has a goatee.

After ice cream, we ambled around the various animal barns. Leah liked the cows the best. Actually, she really enjoyed the rabbits and chickens quite a bit too.

Finally we went to ride a few rides. While Joe was taking Sarah on the "big" coaster, I took Mary and Leah over to the kiddie rides. Here they are on the Frog Hopper before take-off.

Leah really, really, really wanted a ride on the giant slide, so I took all the girls. Joe was the smart one and stayed behind "to watch the stroller". Yeah, right. I was about two-thirds of the way up when I realized we were pretty high in the sky and the stairs were flimsy and rickety. After a small panic attack and a bit of vertigo, I finally managed to drag myself all the way to the top.

Good thing Joe was at the bottom to take some pictures and provide proof that I actually went on it.
We walked around a bit more and then finally called it a day. The girls were all troupers! No major fits or anything. Leah was totally pooped by the time we left. She actually slept through me putting her in the car and then slept through me putting her to bed.

I'm looking forward to joining her in dreamland tonight!

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