Sunday, August 9, 2009

T-shirt Obsession

Like any good mom, I resort to bribes when I'm really desperate. Over time, I have discovered that the most effective bribe is dangling out a new t-shirt purchase. My girls LOVE "cool" t-shirts. I'm not sure what the criteria is to be deemed "cool", but each of them seem to have their own t-shirt rules.

Sarah has been really trying to get out of the girly pink/purple mode. Actually, the girl has a really nice sense of style. I will never fear that she will be one of those shlumpy teenagers. Of course, I can see her as the one who has to have all the latest trends.

Mary is really into anything Super Hero. The really nice thing is that Old Navy has come out with a line of girly super hero t-shirts. Right now Mary has two of them but I suppose that over time she will end up with the entire line.

Leah just likes anything that the other two tell her to like. She's pretty easy (for now).

Here are the girls modeling their latest t-shirt acquisitions (Aunt Lori purchased them yesterday):

I thought this shot looked like a pose you might see in the Old Navy weekly flyer. Look at those girls having a great time in their t-shirts! Don't you wish you were them? LOL!

Sarah wanted to get some pictures of them while on the swing set. Here is one shot that I particularly liked of her:

and here is Mary hanging out on the swings:

Leah decided she wanted no part of the swingset photo op. She's that way, ya' know!
Now they just need to start acquiring some bottoms to go along with all these tops!

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