Monday, January 19, 2009

How much will this cost me one day?

So we took all the girls to the dentist today and I'm thrilled to report that Sarah had a stay of execution. She gets another six months before she has to go to the orthodontist. Thankfully the dentist wants her to acquire some more permanent teeth before she takes the plunge.

Her BFF (do seven year olds have BFFs?) just got a mouthful of hardware today. I haven't seen her yet but apparently talking is going to be quite difficult for a few days. I just hope that BFFs experience won't taint Sarah's view of her upcoming orthodontia work. Sarah doesn't take to pain very well and even the mere thought of being uncomfortable makes her cry. Maybe she will forget all about it by the time it is her turn. Is that possible?

As I look at her semi-toothless smile, I am forced to wonder what it will cost me (in both dollars and anguish)? I shudder to think!

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  1. they gave marla valuim for the day she got her was the summer between her jr. and sr. year...and her much younger (and cuter) sister already had her braces...without any medication. :)