Thursday, January 29, 2009

The face of a sickie

After being cooped up all day with her sisters yesterday, Mary woke up crying and screaming that she was sick and needed to stay home. Being the fabulous mother that I am, I just assumed she was trying to play hookey from Pre-K. It wasn't until she refused to eat her cottage cheese that I KNEW she wasn't lying. That child could eat a gallon of it if you gave her the opportunity. She is like that about feta cheese as well. She has a "unique" palate which is why I know something is wrong when she is off her food.

So here is a picture of the sicko in action. Note the really lovely red-ringed, puffy eyes. In my defense, she didn't look nearly this bad earlier this morning, but she certainly has degenerated throughout the day. Now I'm trying to figure out how to convince her that a nap is a good thing. Why do kids fight napping? I would give my left arm for a good nap!

Of course, I also have to consider what this means for tomorrow. I have only been actually IN the office for a whopping four hours this week. I suppose I should just be grateful that I have the luxury to work from home when I need to, huh? :-)

I did take a picture of Mary looking not quite as pathetic. this is more like how she looked this morning when I was being mean and telling her she had to go to school! Once again, the four-yr-old wins the battle!

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  1. Hope she feels better fast!!!

    who needs to work anyways?