Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why Doodle Bears should be banned...

Yesterday I was thinking I was the blogging queen or something because I actually did a post that included a picture. Yeah Me! Of course, the feeling of euphoria couldn't last. Shortly after I finished my post, Joe came down from Mary & Leah's room and told me I needed to go up there.
So I went up (camera in hand after being warned) and this is what I found:
Mary overjoyed at her Doodle Bear experience.

Here are her arms and legs. I didn't capture the best part of her legs. She drew stick figures all over her upper thighs. We just don't need that posted on the internet.

Here is Leah after being busted. She wasn't quite as gleeful as Mary.

Now because I do not wish to give up the crown, I will continue to be blog queen and post some VIDEO!! Leah went to her first dentist appointment yesterday and she did great. She was most excited about finally getting her very own bag of goodies. The minute she sat in the chair, she asked for her swag.

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