Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh how I wish for a snow day!

We are supposed to get slammed with snow today. Well, not Cleveland-slammed, but 6 to 9" is quite a lot of snow for Central Ohio. It started falling through the night, but so far we only have about an inch or so. I have been monitoring the school closings online (since I have been working since 5 am) but so far, nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Doesn't Mother Nature know that I want to work from home today? I really don't want to put on dress pants and nice shoes. I REALLY don't want to go out there knowing that I'm going to have a crappy drive home. Yuck.

The magical hour of 6:00 am is rapidly approaching. Why am I thinking we are not getting the phone call from the school district? Yes, we have a hoity-toity school district where they have an autodialer to call you with school closing information. It actually takes some of the fun and anticipation out of the prospect of a calamity day. Of course, when Hurricane Ike blew through here and we lost power for seven days, the auto-dialing was useless without a power source for our phones.

Ah well, I guess it is time to head to the shower, get dressed and slap on some makeup. There is always tomorrow.

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